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A look at RPA and Pies...

The history of invention is littered with happy accidents. Some of the household name brands we use today were originally intended for a completely different use: Listerine, originally marketed as an antiseptic, was re-branded as a mouthwash; Frisbees, before becoming the college lawn frat-boy sport of choice, were in their infancy, containers for pies.

It makes me wonder what the future holds for RPA. In the community we all know it’s intended purpose: to alleviate businesses of high-volume tasks, fast RoI (etc, etc.). But this ‘traditional’ way of approaching RPA is sure to change over time. Years from now, will we find alternative uses for this technology?

As the integration of multiple services and applications becomes more seamless in business, perhaps RPA will be the most important cog in our ‘Frictionless Future’, where all aspects of technology talk to each other in business, and at home. An RPA ‘robot’ would be an important part of this model, working in conjunction with APIs, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This is why we must be as open as ever to collaboration and be willing to think outside of the box as developers. The potential is truly limitless, and as AI becomes more efficient, who knows how RPA could help us in our daily routines. We could look back on the ‘traditional’ way we implement RPA as rudimentary.

RPA could be the frisbee of the technology arena...?

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