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Awarding Character

I was at an award ceremony the other day and saw some great awards go to some very deserving people.  

The one thing that struck me the most about what all of the recipients had in common was their positive character traits, like hard work, motivation and determination. Not their education, background or race, but the characteristics they displayed in their day to day lives. Character is something which I value very highly, and this is partially because so much of the success of any consulting job is about your own character. When I was recently hiring an HCS employee I was looking for someone with specific traits and characteristics, not someone who showed the most experience or had the most qualifications. This is because I can give an someone experience, and I can teach someone and help them get qualifications to show others their skill. What I can’t do is give someone passion for learning, or a passion for making people’s lives better, or great motivation and work ethic, or any of the things which will ultimately define what they will be like once they have been taught the skills and have been given the experience. Some things are more inherent in a persons character and are much harder to learn and teach - not impossible, and the best leaders are those who can draw out traits like that and inspire others. I can aspire to that one day, but in the meantime I will stick with hiring people who display those traits already :)

Character is important, look at yourself and make sure you are always showing your best character traits, and trying to work on your worst!

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