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I have now written about how scary it is staring a business, and also how challenging it is trying to adapt to different markets...so why on earth did I do it? Well aside from all of the normal egotistical reasons people want to own their own company and run their own lives, I was struck by what I saw as a big gap in the emerging RPA/Intelligent Automation market, I'm passionate about what I do and wanted to bring what I believe is one of the most exciting new technologies being widely adopted in business at the moment, to that group, to that gap.

The gap, in case you haven't guessed already, is the mid market. Like many new 'Future of Work' technologies, upon entry into the market it was marketed at huge companies who a) had the right volume of processes (see my previous blog 'Robot Ants!') but also had money to burn trying these new things out. the knock on effect of this is that the market for implementation is fairly costly, because you are dealing with big players with lots of cash to spend.

I believe that we are at one of those tipping points in the life-cycle of a new technology, where the big early adopters have seen success and have empowered others to do the same within the upper market of huge multi-million pound companies. However that the barrier to entry, mainly for implementation cost reasons, for smaller and mid market firms is still a problem as the bigger consultancy companies bask in the glut of uptake from large companies.

This, ultimately, is what HCS was founded for, I love what I do and I want to try to accelerate the uptake of RPA into the mid market, and the fundamental barrier to that is - cost. This is why HCS has been working closely with its clients to develop new ways of working which are more efficient and deliver value quickly.

Yeah but.. Is it going to work?

Well so far we have seen some really great successes by approaching problems in interesting ways in order to drive efficient solutions and cut implementation costs. This has so far led to some really great and fast automations, but also opened up more potential for automation within the company, by bringing implementation costs down and making ROI calculations more appealing, but also by identifying other areas which are not traditionally the realm of RPA but which we have seen great benefits, such as one off data migration tasks, or 'small tool creation' for specific tasks like data exploration.

I'm obviously not the only one who has thought about this and the natural progression of new technology is to filter into the mid and lower markets as costs will, inevitably, come down. So whether you believe in me or not, the time for the mid market is now, RPA is coming - are you ready?

If you want to find out more about HCS then check out the website, or if you want to see more of me on this journey, add me on Linkedin. #RIseOfTheMidMarket #HCS #RPA

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