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Dating a startup

So, what’s like starting a start-up? Well, in a word – exciting! In two words – exciting, and scary! It’s not unlike going on a first date. On the one hand you imagine all the things it could be, all the things you could do together, getting to know everything about each other, growing together - but then on the other hand, you might not. You might invest time, effort, money(?) and it goes nowhere.

I founded HCS with the basic principle that by using the experience of being deployed in huge, multinational companies, I could use it to train, implement and empower mid-market firms to adopt this new and emerging ‘wonder technology’ RPA, and make it affordable to the mid-market to driving digital change across sectors.

Idealistic? Yes. Unrealistic? Not necessarily. There is certainly lots of challenges to overcome - ROI calculations in low volume mid-market firms, unkempt IT systems, bad data, and of course RPA’s arch nemesis – humans - just to name a few, and there was no getting around the fact that starting up as a one-man-band meant getting right in the middle of things, proving my worth and pushing forward through all sorts of challenges.

Well 4 months on from quitting my stable, reliable job working mostly from home… I haven’t given up on the dream! It has had it’s up and downs and I’m tired as hell, but it’s also been fantastically exciting and rewarding too. The business model and narrative have been well received by the market and my first client is looking to expand their RPA capabilities, which means my first member of staff is likely on the horizon. This of course brings a whole new world of challenges, as the company develops from just me, to me and more! It’s a scary thought to be responsible not just for your own livelihood but also someone else’s… but it also marks a real turning point as the company develops into an entity with more capability.

I think I can say that the first date has been a success, and it's blossoming into a great relationship, It’s been an amazing journey so far and thank you to everyone who has been - and continues to - support me in this venture, I would love to keep you updated with how things progress so if you are interested in RPA and Intelligent Automation, Future of Work Start-ups, or just want to read about the highs and lows of someone trying to make his fortune in the world of business, then come back for some more little stories soon.